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Cool game! Would u like to share your game project files (unity game pack)?


I played your game on my Twitch channel You can find a replay of the stream here: Check the description on the video to jump to your game


Really nice game, looks great and plays smoothly, however I do feel like grid based movement would have fit the game way better than the current movement. Also the particle effects in the tower things stayed with the previous colour for a bit when you change colour. Also a button to press to change colour would have been better than having to wait I feel.

Freaking amazing! Best game this jam.

Thank you!!!

no matter what I try the 7492 puzzle doesn't seem to do anything on mac.

Did you try pressing the numbers using your mouse?

Because that is how you interact with the puzzle.


Just tried it again, and now was the first time the 'use mouse to interact'  hint was shown on start.

I think it would help if all hints show up during actual gameplay at least once.